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To coincide with their album release, Crows asked us to produce the music video for their title track 'Silver Tongues.' Our first point of reference when establishing a visual style for the video was the album artwork, designed by the bands long time collaborator, the tattoo artist Elliott Lane. We drew influence from the snake and moth motifs that feature throughout, adding various unsettling macro abstract concepts that fit the themes of self doubt, isolation and betrayal that the song explores. The monochrome look matches the bold, graphic style of the album and the dark themes of the lyrics within. The band are known for their energetic and visceral live performances, something that we also strived to capture on film - as the songs intensity builds, so too does the sense of unease within the camera movement and edit. As a result, the video and album both feel part of the same Crows world, something that is key when releasing a new album and establishing a strong identity.

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